Why Writing Your Novel at Starbucks Isn’t a Bad Idea

Listen. Hear the hiss of steam coming from the nozzle of the espresso machine? The murmuring sounds of people in conversations about their upcoming vacations, their late night escapades, and their fears about their careers fill in the gaps between the tinny sounds of the cash drawer opening and closing and the occasional electronic noises […]

Does Smell Hold the Secret to Creative Success?

The idea of ‘sleeping on a problem’ is well known and accepted as a perfectly acceptable way of dealing with a mental block.  A new study performed by a team led by Simone Ritter of the Radboud University Behavioral Science Institute in the Netherlands successfully linked smell with the success of ‘sleeping on it’. Participants in the study […]

Inspiration From Twtspire

Recently I decided I wanted to take on a web project to brush off my website development skills. Yet, trying to find that idea to turn into a website was difficult. I know how to create blogs. I also know how to make blogs that die on the vine due to not being updated. I […]

Ten Songs For When You Are All Out of Bubblegum

It started a week ago when Dan Swensen (@surlymuse) posted the song Anvil of Cromm from the Conan soundtrack to Google+.  Jeff Couturier (@JeffCouturier) said he was going to add the song to his “All Out of Bubblegum” playlist. Inspired by the concept, Dan, Random9q (@random9q), Jeff, and myself started building the ultimate All Out […]