Nobody Uses the Internet on Fridays

I woke up this morning filled with season’s cheer.  Or beef sticks.  I get confused between the two.  Either way,  I have the holidays on the mind. Since no one uses the internet on Fridays, I’m going to sneak in a few fun videos I came across.

Look at those awesome toys. Toys that prepare kids for careers in agriculture, sciences, and factory work seemed quite the thing back then. I can’t help but if that trend continued what the counterparts would be for our culture today? If I was clever I’d insert all sorts of one off cliched jokes about working at fast food restaurants, sitting in cubicles, and watching Powerpoint presentations but I won’t because those jokes would be silly.

Modern toys seem less than educational.

I guess this commercial at least teaches the skill of how to be a hairdresser. That is good preparation for the future.

There we go, toys for the holidays. Happy Holidays! There, I did my part for the war against Christmas. Do I get a medal now?

Published by Sean D. Francis

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