8 More NPC Classes to Add Flavor to Your D&D Campaign

Improving NPCs in D&D

In the first batch of NPC classes, I discussed how problematic D&D worlds are when every important NPC is a leveled Fighter, Wizard, Warlock, or Ranger. The other side of this situation is NPCs who are powerless in the presence of even the most low-level PC. PCs should be powerful but not able to walk over everyone they meet.

Here are 8 more NPC classes to help round out your campaign world.

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Turning An In Game Disaster Into An Epic Story

As much as D&D is story based around game play, the fact it is a game and not a story means there are times when the tale goes awry. The protagonists fail and fail hard when everything leading up to the moment says they should have succeeded.

Having played in games where this has happened to my character and having DM’d sessions where this happened to my players, I can tell you my point of view on how to handle these moments have evolved.

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8 NPC Classes to Add Flavor to Your D&D Campaign

The Problem with NPCs in D&D

In a world filled with magic, monsters, and amazing treasures it is sometimes hard to imagine what the life of the common person is like. And when we create an NPC for the PCs to interact with, we sometimes make the NPC a character class: fighter, rogue, mage, or cleric. Yet, if every village has a 4th level Cleric, everyone gets healed all the time for a tithe to the church. If all guards are 1st level fighters, why don’t they level up? Is every person who plays a lute and sings a bawdy song about the tinker and the farmer’s son a bard? That is a lot of random power just walking about in the world. What if there was a way of having characters with some abilities that scale with experience, but doesn’t make every frontier road a haven of 10th level rogues trying to steal apples on the way to the cidery?

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5 Amazing Dungeon and Dragon 5th Edition Resources

Since the beginning of the hobby of gaming, there has always been a strong contingent of DIY resources. A lot of effort went into taking military gaming guides like Totten’s Strategos and converting them for use in tabletop wargames. Translating complex material for easy reference by others is one of the best aspects of tabletop games.

Dungeons and Dragons history is filled with homebrew rules and resource guides. Some of these are simple and useful like a Skills Guide and alternative DM Screens. Some are rare, unique resources that you never knew you needed until you saw them.

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5 Ways You are Ruining Your DM’s Campaign

There you are, sitting at the table with the other players, eager to roll some dice and kick some ass. Maybe you’ve popped open your favorite tasty beverage and sampled some tasty salty snacks as you wait for the other players to arrange themselves and the game to start. What you didn’t realize is you are ruining your DM’s campaign.

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D&D — Are You Making Initiative Too Complicated?

Hi, I’m Sean D. Francis and I’ve run RPGs since the early 80s. I do not pretend to have immense amounts of experience in game design, player psychology, or anything like that. I do not have revolutionary ideas on how to change games to make them better, in fact I err on the side of sticking with rules that are archaic and pointless out of an innate fear removing them will upset some gaming economy I don’t quite understand.

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