Suggestions on How to Boost Creativity

I’m always looking for a way to make myself more creative. Breaking out of ruts, trying to make creativity a habit, and studying new skills are all things I’ve tried and continue to try to keep my creativity flowing. The number of ways to spark creativity, eliminate writer’s block, or shift one’s creative perspective are […]

Does Smell Hold the Secret to Creative Success?

The idea of ‘sleeping on a problem’ is well known and accepted as a perfectly acceptable way of dealing with a mental block.  A new study performed by a team led by Simone Ritter of the Radboud University Behavioral Science Institute in the Netherlands successfully linked smell with the success of ‘sleeping on it’. Participants in the study […]

Break the Molds, Get out of Ruts

The absolute worst thing for creativity is repetition. Repetition is wonderful for developing skills, learning how to do something really well, but it kills creativity. Repetition allows the creative parts of the mind to shut down. It sort of kicks back, flips on the TV, and watches five hours of Singing and Dancing Chef Models […]