Don’t Play With Yourself on Valentine’s Day

I’ve written about St. Valentine’s Day a lot in my life. Something about this day sticks in my craw. I’m a romantic but like New Year’s Eve, every Valentine’s Day I’ve tried to make special usually fell flat. The expectations of certain events are difficult to meet and exceed. I really do think of myself […]

Valloween Cocktails

It is that time of year again, Satan’s Birthday, or as we’ve been led to believe Valentine’s Day.  I call it Valloween – a crappy holiday designed to make every feel bad in one way or another.  Luckily, I’m an adult and I can respond to crappiness like an adult through judicious application of alcohol. […]

Nobody Uses the Internet on Friday – Love Edition

I woke up, discovered it was Friday and realized that the Internet wasn’t being used. As we all know, no one uses the Internet on Fridays so I figured I’d open it up and see what I could find while no one was looking. It has not slipped by me that we are on the […]

Nobody Uses the Internet on Fridays – Even if it is Lincoln’s Birthday

I see you there… lurking about… wanting to know what I’m doing with this box.  Do you know what this box is?  It is the internet.  I know, weird, right?  Why do I have the internet in a box? Because no one uses the internet on Friday so I can borrow it for a bit […]