Ten Songs For When You Are All Out of Bubblegum

It started a week ago when Dan Swensen (@surlymuse) posted the song Anvil of Cromm from the Conan soundtrack to Google+.  Jeff Couturier (@JeffCouturier) said he was going to add the song to his “All Out of Bubblegum” playlist. Inspired by the concept, Dan, Random9q (@random9q), Jeff, and myself started building the ultimate All Out of Bubblegum Playlist.  A portion of what we came up with has been bashed into a YouTube playlist by Jeff.

We all kick ass in our own special way… you did realize that is what an ‘All Out of Bubblegum’ playlist is, right?  It is about ass-kicking and letting someone else take the names.  It is no holds barred, take no prisoners, total annihilation.  Some do it through physical force and others do it through careful calculations.  There is no single right way to kick-ass.  It is the ultimate bit of pragmatism, actually.  So long as ass is being kicked, literal ass or figurative ass, then that was the right way to do it.

This means the music people want to kick ass to isn’t all the same. For me, I tend to prefer orchestral elements, because when I kick-ass I imagine I am doing it in the most epic way possible.  I also like short bombastic punk rock elements, which I see as for those brief but intense moments of ass-kicking.

Before I give you my Top 10, I want to give out a freebie, one of the original ass-kicking songs ever, just to set the mood.

Flight of the Valkyries

10 – I Don’t Care | The Ramones

Ideal for those moments when you need to block out all other concerns and focus on the task that needs to be done.

9 – Edge of Glory | Lady Gaga

This song ignite the internal fire to make the final push, the kick that last little bit of ass that needs to be kicked!

8 – KABOOM! | I Fight Dragons

Ass-kicking can be fast, furious, and 8-bit.

7 – Post-Apocalyptic Punk | Abney Park

Make no mistake, in the Post-Apocalypse world, there is going to be more ass-kicking than you ever thought possible. (I also love Cowboy BeBop so this mashup pleases me.)

6 – N.W.O. | Ministry

Ass-kicking also comes in the forms of political upheaval.

5 – Burly Brawl | Juno Reactor and Don Davis

By the very definition, this song is all about ass-kicking. And whether you liked Matrix Reloaded or not (you didn’t like it, did you? God, I hope not.) there is no denying this scene when Neo is swarmed by an army of Agent Smiths is one of cinema’s most ass-kicking moments.

4 – I Want it All | Queen

It is important to have goals when kicking ass.

3 – Attack of the Batwing | Danny Elfman

Who kicks ass? That’s right, Batman kicks ass.

2 – Sent to Destroy | Combichrist

Burn the fields! Raze the castles! Leave only a scorched earth!

1 – A Boy Named Sue

Sometimes we are just forced to kick ass.

BONUS – This really is for those who truly know me… this is the type of song that really makes me kick-ass… I’m not really the violent type, you see.

The Celts | Enya

Check out Random9Q’s Top 10 “All Out of Bubblegum Songs” Here.

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