Six Spots to Get Shawarma in Chicago

Ever notice there is a lot of talk about going out for Shawarma lately?  I have no idea why…

My first question when I heard about Shawarma was – what is shawarma? Isn’t a gyro?  It looks like gyro…

Shawarma is not gyro! Gyro is normally a blend of beef and lamb and shawarma is normally never beef and only occasionally lamb.  Wait, now I’m more confused.

From the Go Mideast website they say –

Most shawarma is made with lamb or chicken, though I’ve also had a lamb/beef mixture, and goat.

What else goes inside is a matter for the restaurant. The best shawarmas I’ve had were in Abu Dhabi and were made in small pita breads which were sliced open and included tomatoes, garlic sauce, pickles, tabouli, and french fries…. (

So really, shawarma is like the American hamburger, it has some core fundamentals but what makes it a hamburger is going to change from region to region and cook to cook.

Chicago has a plethora (I adore that word, plethora…) of restaurants that serve shawarma for those who want to experience this cuisine!

Shawarma Inn
no website
5523 N Lincoln Ave

Well reviewed, Shawarma Inn has quite the following and is nestled near other Middle Eastern restaurants.  The name and the outside signage makes me think they take the concept of shawarma seriously.

I Dream of Falafel
331 S. Franklin
112 W. Monroe
555 W. Monroe

With three locations in downtown Chicago, I Dream of Falafel is ready to serve up some great Middle Eastern food.

Nile Restaurant of Hyde Park
1611 E 55th St

Serving the Hyde Park community, Nile Restaurant’s positive online reviews clearly show that people love their chicken shawarma.

Ameer Kabob
1050 North Milwaukee

Ameer Kabob reminds us that shawarma is a street food, it is meant to be eaten on the go. Check this option out for carry-out or delivery!

Petite Pita
3952 North Sheridan Road

“Cheap, fast, and fresh” are great qualities in a date and in a shawarma restaurant.  Being  able to combine the two would be a nexus point of awesome.

Sinbad’s Restaurant
921 West Belmont Avenue

Do I or don’t I make a seven seas joke?  Since this is about shawarma and not seafood it wouldn’t make a lot of sense.  Sinbad’s Restaurant is another spot that reminds us that shawarma is ‘fast food’ or at least it should be.  And when I say ‘fast food’ I don’t mean crap, but food served to you in a quick fashion and meant to be eaten in a short period of time.

For those of us who sat through all of The Avengers and reached that point where they sit at a Shawarma restaurant eating their shawarma after saving the world, you know, like one normally does after saving the world, you might have been wondering where you can get your shawarma on after you save the world.

Well, here you go.  I guess we don’t have to wait until we save the world to try shawarma, maybe just – you know – kicking ass in general.

Kick ass, eat shawarma, Chicago!

Published by Sean D. Francis

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