The Third Diaspora

The concept behind this short piece of fiction started when a friend wrote a short piece of fiction about a guy who was working at a particle collider and dealing with all sorts of bizarreness.  It was inspirational and I wanted to piece together an anthology of similar stories… common people in crazy circumstances.  Even […]


Originally published Thursday, August 19, 2004 He dangled, in midair, his right arm stretched skyward. Pain burned through his hand, down his outstretched arm and into his bare torso. Nothing was actually visibly wrapped around his wrist, but he felt it. Whatever it was obviously suspended him, within a darkened void. No walls, no floor, […]

Little-Known Facts About Giants

Originally published August 10, 2004 There are many little-known facts about giants. Did you know that giants never stop growing? Giants came into this world slightly larger than a normal child but where a normal child stops growing, the giant continues to grow. When the earth was created so were all the giants and since […]