Solutions and Resolutions

Everywhere I read, I see people writing about their resolutions for 2011. Weight-loss, stop smoking, and a variety of self-improvement steps are all resolved. I know a lot of people have jumped on the anti-resolution bandwagon. They decry resolutions as a tool of procrastination. Don’t put off ’til tomorrow what you can do today. There is truth to this sentiment, since a lot of people say things, “I’ll start exercising in the new year” but their future selves don’t want to exercise anymore than their present selves.

Barring the basic flaws of human nature, I get caught up in the whole New Year Resolution thing. I’m a word guy. I look at the word resolution and I see the common definition attributed to it, ‘the act of resolving to take action’, but the word itself can (probably incorrectly) be broken down into Re and Solution. Re meaning to do again and Solution meaning… uh… the act of solving a problem.

I’m big on the concept of second, third, fourth, etc. chances. If we have to live life to the bitter end then we get as many chances to find our happiness in this life as we allow ourselves to take. So, 2010 wasn’t the year that brought you a copious amount of happiness, time to find a new solution for 2011.

I know you weren’t waiting for some schmuck to tell you this on his blog, but I want to start a new movement telling people it is okay to draw a line and declare a new start. The old solution wasn’t working, so it is time for a new one. I know I’m committing to this sentiment for 2011. My past efforts have failed, time for new efforts. And if the new one’s fail, then I have another year to try yet again.

My only suggestion is make no small resolutions. Dream big. In the past I think I’ve allowed myself to get sidetracked with small trifling goals. Planning on getting a raise instead of finding a job I love. Planning on being more social instead of building a network of people I love being around. Resolving to write more instead of resolving to write a novel. Resolving to exercise more instead of resolving to live a healthier life in whole. Daniel Burnham, the great mind behind how the city of Chicago was laid out, said it best in his quote, “Make no little plans. They have no magic to stir men’s blood and probably will not themselves be realized.”

Resolve to do something that stirs your blood. Have an amazing New Year.

Published by Sean D. Francis

Sean D. Francis is a technologist, writer, and geek. He podcasts, makes video, and dabbles in all the geeky genres including horror, sci-fi, and fantasy.