Embedding the Essence

Originally published Friday, July 16, 2004

Past Lives

Once engaged in a conversation with people who believe they have past lives, you’ll quickly discover that the jokes are real. Everyone seems to have been Napoleon, Caesar, Nefertiti, or Martha Washington. Sure, every once in awhile you’ll find someone who claims to be a serf in the Dark Ages who died of influenza while working in the fields, but they are rare. The skeptical mind wonders how so many people could have been Joan of Arc in their past lives. If more than one person claims to be the same person from the past, many would argue that this discrepancy of logic is enough to be able to dismiss the whole concept of past lives.

What is it that is reincarnated, anyway, when people discuss past lives? Is it recycled souls? Is it mental energy that gets passed along? What mechanisms of physics and metaphysics are coming into play to allow one person alive right now to be able to recall that he was once someone else in a previous life?

With absolute certainty, there are several hundred different theories out there relating to the how’s and why’s of past lives. Each theory is most likely well documented in a book, the author of which is willing to, for a small price, help any one of the many readers of the book to find their past lives. For whatever reason, many people need to get in touch with their past lives. Some may be trying to address a wrong that was done to them. Others might be looking for something better than the lot in life they currently have. Whatever the reasons, they are looking.

Embedding the Essence

When presenting a new view on an old subject, it is best to state the new view boldly and brashly as if one were sweeping the table clear. Throw away all the old ways of thinking, because this new way of thinking will replace everything that has been. It is the revolution in the metaphysical world. So while what is about to be stated is being stated as if it were the new paradigm, it is no better or worse than what has already been said on the topic of past lives.

Living beings have a life energy in them that makes them living. When death occurs to a living being, that energy is released. When a new being is created, the reserve of life energy is tapped and the new being is alive. This energy will be called ‘essence,’ the stuff that makes you who you are.

Think of the essence as water. A human being requires, for the sake of presenting this argument, one quart of essence to be alive. A dog requires a cup. A blue whale requires several gallons. Upon the creation of a human, a quart of essence is withdrawn from the energy reserve. When the human dies, that quart is returned to the reserve. If that human lived an intense life, it is possible that life becomes embedded in the essence. When the next person is created and the reserve is tapped for another quart of essence, it is possible that a portion of the previous person’s essence will get drawn up into the bucket. Since this essence has a bit of the last person embedded in it, the new person may be able to recall events from the last person’s life. Essentially, the new person has the past life of the old person.

It is fairly simple to see how a person that truly embedded the essence, lived a full and vibrant life, such as Napoleon or Martha Washington, would release that essence back into the reserve and affect so many people created with it. Most people don’t embed their essences with anything worthwhile, so that portion of Martha may recylce over and over, breaking up smaller, merging with lost portions, and constantly recycling until something more significant becomes embedded into that portion of the essence.

Historical figures who have done significant things obviously are the types to have deeply embedded their essences with their personalities and deeds, making them more likely to be recalled when that essence is drawn into new lives. New lives may only take a portion of an embedded essence, which makes it possible for multiple people to all have a portion of the same historical figure.

The Key to Immortality

Embedding your essence is the key to immortality. Without a proper laboratory to be able to experiment with essence, there can only be speculation on what effectively causes an essence to become embedded with a person’s memory. Fame seems to be a factor, as does passion. Since fame is a difficult element to master, passion seems to be a better element to focus on.

To achieve immortality, one needs to fully embed his essence with his life. He needs to strive to make as many moments in his life mean something significant. He needs to be filled with passion as often as he can. Doing this increases the likelihood that some part of him will become embedded into the essence, which upon his death, will be released into the world to be reused for someone else. If the life is truly passionate, truly significant to him, then the new lives created with that essence would recall it. He will live on in all the new lives created.

There is no control, though, on how that essence will be used. The new life created may very well be a cricket. Yes, there may be a cricket out there right now that has the essence of Elvis. A dolphin born last year may have the essence of Princess Diana. On the other hand, right now, you may have the essence of a particularly passionate bear in you. Terrorize and abuse a dog and that essence, filled with the fear, pain, and trauma may be used to create a new child, a child who will for no apparent reason have a fear of the world, remembering it as being cruel and unkind.

Live passionately, help others live passionately, and be kind to all living things.

Published by Sean D. Francis

Sean D. Francis is a technologist, writer, and geek. He podcasts, makes video, and dabbles in all the geeky genres including horror, sci-fi, and fantasy.