Suggestions on How to Boost Creativity

I’m always looking for a way to make myself more creative. Breaking out of ruts, trying to make creativity a habit, and studying new skills are all things I’ve tried and continue to try to keep my creativity flowing. The number of ways to spark creativity, eliminate writer’s block, or shift one’s creative perspective are innumerable and some will work for us and others won’t. There isn’t any one set formula for something as abstract as creativity, so it is important to have a complete tool set available to us to rely on when we find the need for a creative boost.

At the website, there is a recent post titled 5 Time Out Tips that Boost Creativity. The essence of these 5 creativity boosting tips focuses on letting our minds relax or letting our minds do what our minds want to do.  Feeling burnt out pushing pixels? Then maybe it is time to take a walk. Always trying to pack more into a day of work? Try backing off a bit and give each project more time.

All the tips offered in the posting keep reminding us that our brain is just like any other part of our body and if we overtax it, it won’t perform as efficiently as possible.

What boosts your creativity when your mind isn’t feeling up to the task. For me it is reading. Reading pretty much about anything other than what I am working on will refill my creative tanks. I’ve also found fifteen minutes of quiet – not just a quiet environment but a quiet mind where I shut down all thought and just breathe and be helps a lot to get me back on the creative track.

I’d love to hear what you do when you need the boost.

Published by Sean D. Francis

Sean D. Francis is a technologist, writer, and geek. He podcasts, makes video, and dabbles in all the geeky genres including horror, sci-fi, and fantasy.