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Creating connections and building relationships has become a necessary and critical part of doing business. Businesses discover building relationships, real relationships, is as important as providing services and goods at reasonable prices. The issue of trust comes to the forefront.

I’m Sean D. Francis and I’m an advocate for building relationships with people through the written word. I construct these relationships in a myriad of ways, whether through ad copy, newsletters, or blog postings. Written communication provides transparency and creates an environment of trust.

Writing also creates connections by building a shared world. I like to think my fiction creates unique and interesting shared experiences for my readers.  This type of relationship is also very rewarding. Hearing how others enjoyed what I’ve written, getting caught up in the world I created is incredibly satisfying.

I’ve always been a writer. Even as I studied Political Science and Philosophy in college, I was a writer first. Building websites, creating complex scripts to make my first blog back in 1997, making videos, podcasts, and graphical elements all help enable my writing.  I’ve made attempts at novels but often fall back on short fiction, humor pieces, personal essays, and social commentary. My one novel sits in a dusty subdirectory on my computer taunting me to finish editing it.

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